Adrian Hollier

Runaway with a record


Aspect: Mortal
Organization: Camarilla [Cattle]
Gender: Female
Hair: Red (Naturally Black)
Eyes: Blue
Age: 20

Standing at 5’6" Adrian has a slim figure that’s fleshed out a little since she got off the drugs, she can usually be found wearing the white dress of the Steel Family cattle, but her personal style runs more towards the punk end of things, but that sort of individuality isn’t really encouraged in the general pool, but she hopes it might change now that she has been assigned to a owner.


Adrian was born in a town of less than 100 people to an absentee father and a mother who died of cancer at a young age. After rotating through a few foster homes, she broke and ran to anyone who would put her up night by night. She became a capable merchant of sex and drugs, only getting arrested a few times a year.

Adrian has been part of the Steel Family for a few years now, having become general cattle, unknown to her, after hanging out at the Sanctum bar in Southie during one of her binges and sticking around after she found the bartender to be accommodating of itinerant punk girls crashing on her couches. She was later adopted into the Steel Foundation for Young Women by Paris Steel who saw in her a kindred spirit waiting to be saved. Adrian is clean now, although she is probably more susceptible to the euphoria of the kiss than most of the other girls, an event she doesn’t get as often as she would like seeing as she doesn’t fulfill the requirements of either Rex or Paris and is mostly used to feed guests. She’s looking forward to having her own source of the kiss, even if it means she has to share it with some other girls.

Adrian tends to be on the more willful side of cattle, not capable of cooking or cleaning really she’s sort of a lay about when it comes to chores letting the other girls handle it. She’s well skilled in seduction and a former drug addict so she’s not above doing shady things for a taste of what she wants and she finds the lifestyle of Steel Family cattle a little restricting even if it did save her from the streets.

Adrian Hollier

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