Paris Steel

Agents of Steel Commander


Aspect: Vampire
Bloodline: Ventrue – Ventrue
Organization: Camarilla
Gender: Female
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue

Standing at 5’4", Paris is your classic blonde rich girl, with beautifully maintained hair and near flawless body. Although a little on the small side, Paris has charms that are hard to ignore, especially because she knows how to use them. She can usually be found wearing high end designer clothing, or even more commonly tailored clothing fitted to her form and style. She prefers white, gold and silver, avoiding the cliched vampire reds and blacks most of the time. Her style tends to be either extremely adult which is contrasted by her still slightly immature looking body, or deceptively innocent, tending towards the latter more than the former.


Paris couldn’t have been said to have a childhood to speak of, having grown up in an abusive household with a violent father who frequently molested her. She was barely functional throughout the lower schools, suffering abuse not only at home but at school as well, a true shrinking violet. She never was able to trust adults and soon thought about giving up her own life, although she found herself too much of a coward to do so. Then one night she snapped, taking a kitchen knife to her father in a fit of desperation. No one ever suspected her, and she went into the foster care system, where she found her true calling. She found that she was undeniably attractive to most men and even most women and was able to use her completely destroyed sense of empathy to manipulate without batting an eye. She soon destroyed her first foster family by seducing both her foster father and brother, and then calling her foster mother to report the ‘rape’. Over the years into high school she moved from family to family, leaving a tattered wake of destroyed lives behind her. By her late teens she had already played her way into the life destroying blackmail circuit, seducing and extorting rich old men she met in clubs. This is where she met Rex Steel, who would later adopt her into his household before turning her less than a year later.

Working with her loyal servants Alimah & Basinah Issa Paris is the driving force behind the Agents of Steel, working as the leader of the clandestine organization. She saw first hand what these OOP could do in the wrong hands and has convinced her father to allow her the freedom to do what she can about it, although she must keep to the shadows more than normal as sending agents into other Camarilla territory could be potentially political suicide, not to mention what might happen if it is found that they are backed by the Steel family. In this vein the actions of the Agents of Steel aren’t official and the unit itself doesn’t officially exist. This is to say nothing about what might happen if the Agents are caught by other supernatural forces or the Sabbat.

Paris Steel

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