Emile Grace

Repressed Graduate Student


Aspect: Ghoul
Bloodline: Gangrel [Fiona Kelly]
Organization: Camarilla
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black-Brown
Age: 26

Standing at 5’2" Emile is far from imposing, although she is in graduate school she tends to wear clothing more appropriate for someone of an older age group, acting as Senior Sister and house matron for Zeta Tau Alpha’s Smith College chapter. She’s shrugged a little of this stiffness off since she’s been with Fiona Kelly but it’s still a big part of who she is.


Was a key part of the Smith College investigation where her professor, Yvonne Green was the key focus of several super natural events. During the course of the investigation the Agents leveraged her repressed sexual angst to turn her into an asset. She’s now a willing Ghoul of Fiona Kelly and helps her out with her school work and living situation, even though they are relatively far apart at most times she’s usually just a phone call away.

Emile Grace

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