Ayako Amori

Knight of the Luciferans


Celestial Name: Ilanael, Scholar of Trees
Aspect: Demon
House: Scourge
Organization: Luciferan
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gold
Age: 20

Standing at 5’4" Ayako is extremely busty and she’s used to people not looking at her face which is well proportioned behind a pair of extremely thick glasses, which she wears with tassels. She is extremely skittish, gaze almost always pointed downward with a quiet and feminine voice. She almost always acts to prevent people from getting behind her, saddling up to walls and such when cornered. She tends to wear simple long dresses, in light colors, with full collars, and often times can be found wearing a tie or similar neck adornment to hold the collar closed.


As a Demon Ayako is on the young side, having only returned from the Abyss last year, when in a fit of self loathing, brought on by being brutally raped in the MIT gym girl’s locker room. Her vessel Ayako slit her wrists in attempt to kill herself. Ilanael joined with Ayako and continues to live on using the raw reality of the unspeakable event to live on after the terrible pain and deprivation of the Abyss , although she is having a hard time dealing with the human emotions she feels around the topic and struggles with these new and difficult feelings of fear and constant hyper-vigilance and her super shy demeanor can be off putting to those that don’t know her.

A rising star in the Luciferans she’s managed to grasp the rank of Knight in only the few months that she’s been part of the organization. Her skills as a collector of information are unparalleled, the branches of her trees evolving into the myriad networks of cyberspace as she adapts to modern world, although her skills still tend very much towards the Hardware side of things rather than the software.

She currently works under Bishop Aerith Blake as one of the support group for the newly formed Agents of Steel.

Ayako Amori

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