Lolita Desjardins

Victim of Human Trafficking


Aspect: Mortal
Organization: Camarilla [Cattle]
Gender: Female
Hair: Purple (Naturally Black)
Eyes: Blue
Age: 17

Standing at 5’2" Lolita has a slim but busty figure especially for someone of her age, her body type could easy be compared to a model. Her body is heavily tattooed from her days as a slave, when it was one of the few things she could do to keep her individuality. Her voice has an strong French accent and she is soft spoken in English, but will chat away in French more easily. She usually can be found wearing the dress of the Steel Family cattle, but she does have a good collection of designer dresses gifted to her by Rex that still fit her well. She feels most comfortable when she’s fully dressed and has a hard time taking showers and baths without another girl around to watch the door for her.


Lolita always wanted to be a model from her earliest days but she can’t even remember her family, because when she was 12 she was taken from her French boarding school by a group of thugs masquerading as an ‘international modeling agency’ and thrust into sexual slavery in the United States where she didn’t even speak the language. She’s mostly blocked out the memories, as best she could, from this time and this has corrupted many of her memories of her actual childhood as well. Just when she thought everything was lost and she would never escape the hell she was in she was saved by a kind man in a grey suit, who she later learned was named Rex. She was entered into the Steel Foundation for Young Women at the age of 14 and became one of Rex’s favorite cattle for a few years, during which she was cleaned up from the drugs the slavers had her on and taught English and general academics by the older girls and surprisingly Rex himself. She still calls Rex, Papa and Père and is extremely devoted to him even if he has stopped feeding on her for the time being. She’s more than happy to help out around the house although her skills are subpar and her screw ups many. She’s been sort of depressed since Rex stopped calling on her when she became 17, but is happy that she’s been assigned to someone so she can be useful to him.

During recent events, Lolita was abducted by thugs from the streets of Boston and taken to the Prudential Building where she was quickly tracked down by Johnathan Park and recovered from the Lasombra infiltrator who had captured her for unknown reasons. In the course of recovery the Agents felled the much stronger vampire with a coordinated attack.

Lolita Desjardins

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