Ancient Gold Coins



First discovered during the exploration of the Imperial Baths in Sharon Springs New York they apparently held a strong connection to the three springs at the location, Sulfur, Magnesium, and Iron Carbonate. The appear to be ancient untarnished gold coins of pre-christian Germanic origin, if observation is to be believed they could potentially be the Rhinegold that inspired the original legends that lead to the writting of one of operas’ most famous group of plays, the Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung), in which they were stolen from the Rhinemaidens of the Rhine river and eventually forged into a ring of power, driving the story of the opera. True to legend it seems that the gold holds some sort of sway over three water themed Earthborne, probably the origin of the Rhinemaiden legend in the first place.


During the events at the Imperial Baths, three coins were recovered and subsequently given to the the Rhinemaidens who seemed less than forgiving over their long imprisonment at the facility. Currently Ayako Amori and Joss Lynch are trying to find and either recover the artifacts or enlist the Rhinemaidens to the Luciferian cause, having been removed from the conflict between Demon and Earthborne for many years they hope that they can be convinced that there is little difference between the two, despite one being forced into the world and the other escaping the Abyss under the new more favorable terms.

Recovered by the Demon Agents Ayako Amori and Joss Lynch in upstate New York after a rash of unexplained drownings far from any water. It is now clear that these coins are the reliquaries of the three Rhinemaiden Earthbound. Aerith Blake and the Luciferians have taken possession of the coins until they might devise a way to release the trapped Demons and hopefully bring them into bodies of their own.


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