Rikki Disante

Chuunibyou Girl


Aspect: Mortal
Organization: Camarilla [Cattle]
Gender: Female
Hair: Blue (Naturally Black)
Eyes: Black
Age: 17

Standing at 5’6" Rikki is still on the slightly immature side, barely 17 and still developing but still adult levels of attractive, she pretends she’s experienced but it’s unclear if she actually is. She tends to wear the Steel Family cattle dress, and is under the delusion that she has to wear a black cloth, under which is a poorly drawn ofuda, around her right hand and arm. Her personal style could be said to still be developing but she likes anything Asian or Moe, especially GL, although she’s never really had the money to get into the scene.


Rikki managed to develop a middle child mentality while being an only child. She had a natural aversion to mundane life, and always nursed a sneaking suspicion that no one, anywhere, was worth caring about, this was exasperated by the fact her family died in a car crash on the way to her 5th Grade graduation and she was stuck with her Grandparents. Due to this Rikki developed what the Japanese call Chuunibyou, or 2nd Year Middle School Syndrome, specifically the Evil-Eye variant. To deal with the absolute banality of her standard middle class life and to cope with the loss of her parents, she has gained the delusion that she has super powers, or more correctly must ‘contain the evil’ of her hand which is possessed by an evil spirit. She gained the attention of the Steel Foundation for Young Girls when during 6 and 7th grade she attempted multiple times to commit suicide which her aging Grandparents struggled to deal with. Her Grandparents were understandably relived when the organization offered to help Rikki and she has been a part of the Steel Family for 3 years now, having just recently had her 17th birthday. She’s well addicted to the kiss though and seeks out the rush that it brings her like an addict, indulging her fantasies of Chuunibyou to the fullest.

Rikki would be considered a low level otaku and if she wasn’t being forced to go to the Steel Foundation’s tutoring would probably be fine being a NEET as well. She’s a skilled housekeeper and can make many kinds of food, having grown up basically having to cook for herself. She’s overjoyed at finally getting an ‘owner’ fantasizing over the type of person she’s going to be serving. Vampires fascinate her in only the way they could an anime fanatic with Chuunibyou.

Rikki Disante

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