Aerith Blake

Bishop of the Luciferans


Celestial Name: Sharel, Herald of Song
Aspect: Demon
House: Defiler
Organization: Luciferan
Gender: Female
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Green
Age: 20

Standing at 5’4" Aerith is a very attractive red-haired teen with green eyes who dresses in gothic black attire and sports a large number of facial and body piercings and silver jewelry.

Apocalyptic Form
In her Apocalyptic Form Sharel is inhumanly attractive with white-gold skin, blonde-gold hair and azure eyes.


Aerith became a demon at the age of 15 when deep within a goth phase she attempted to summon a demon with an book she found in the personal effects of her Grandmother to take her away from her ‘boring’ privileged life which she thought was choking everything unique out of her. Her teenage angst and utter disdain for the life she was living was enough to make her receptive to the conversion and soon the demon she summoned, Sharel and her were one entity.

One of the current Bishops of Luciferan Order, Aerith is credited with the recovery of contact with the Adversary Lucifer, even if she hasn’t been able to converse directly with him, and is one of the fast risers in the Order, having been a Knight before the events of Black January. She has taken it upon herself to form an alliance with Paris Steel to recover artifacts of power.

There are rumors that as an Angel, Sharel was in a carnal relationship with Lucifer. But now for some reason John Doe refuses to show himself to her, forcing her to converse with him through an intermediary.

Aerith Blake

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