John Doe/Lucifer

Son of Morning


Aspect: Vessel/Angel
Choir: Seraphim
Organization: Luciferan
Gender: Male/Neutral
Hair: Black/White
Eyes: Black/Red

Standing at a respectable height although it’s hard to gauge exactly how tall, John Doe, formerly known as Simon, has very indistinct features. Although, everyone who sees him agrees on several points, that his eyes are unnaturally black, that his smile is disarming and trustworthy, and the fact that he is un-mistakenly attractive, even to those who are not normally attracted to his apparent gender. He appears to have one single outfit that he wears all the time, that being a three piece exceptionally well tailored suit, with a red silk shirt, and a red silk tie.

Seraphic Form
Although he has not taken this form since the last days of Black January, in his Seraphic form he stands at well over six feet and has six feathered white wings, almost as large as he is tall, protruding from his back. He also appears without clothing and without gender and has two slightly curved horns protruding from his white hair. He is undeniably attractive in this form and seems to have a flawlessly athletic body. In this form he wields a large sword forged of pure white light that is extremely hard to look directly at.

He has manifested in the past a less powerful version of his full Seraphic form in which his wings and body were covered in a black soot and his sword was shrouded in shadows.


While clearly supernatural in nature, John Doe, who went by the pseudonym Simon until recently seems to appear and disappear at will, although this seems to be more of a mental effect similar in nature to Vampiric Obfuscate as it doesn’t seem to work when he is in Seraphic Form. There is really not a lot of information on John Doe in general.

John Doe/Lucifer

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