Alimah & Basinah Issa

The Twins


Aspect: Ghoul
Bloodline: Ventrue [Paris Steel]
Organization: Camarilla
Gender: Female
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Brown
Age: 38 [Appear Late Teens-Early 20s]

Standing at 5’4" and both of medium build the auburn haired twins are usually well armored and armed, with their favorite weapons being a pair of FN Five-seveN automatic pistols. They are deceptively strong due to their vampire blood. In their role as Paris Steel’s body guards they often arm up with a pair of FN P90 Tactical LIR automatic defense weapons.


Alimah and Basinah have served the Steel family for many years, although they appear to be in their late teens to early twenties they are closer to their forties. Under the wing of Rex Steel and now Paris Steel they have served with distinction, as bodyguards and companions. Like Paris the twins were part of the Foster Care system and were adopted in a round about untraceable manner into the household of Rex Steel to serve as cattle, but proved themselves adept enough for Rex to raise them to ghouls and later gift them to his new daughter.

There history is shrouded in a way that clearly shows the clout of the Steel family, there being plenty of clearly bogus official information on the sisters including Mass state drivers licences listing them as Alison and Bethany Irons, aged 22, of Cambridge, Students of Boston College’s Law School. They also hold dubiously legal permits in those names for the FN Five-seveNs with a concealed carry provision as ‘bodyguards’.

Current events have gone to show just how dedicated the Twins are to their family bound in blood. It’s clear that there dedication goes well beyond their blood bond.

They currently work as members of the Agents of Steel, helping behind the scenes with their Mistress to make sure things run smoothly. Mostly they do recon that would be too dangerous for normal mortals and attend to Paris Steel’s needs.

Links: Paris Steel; Camarilla; Agents of Steel

Alimah & Basinah Issa

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