Statue of Undine Rising

Statue of Longing



Discovered off the side of the ship the USS Salem where it sat as a museum ship, among a collection of drowned male corpses, the number of which is still a topic of debate amongst the crime scene community. The soapstone statue is in extremely good condition for it’s age and it’s watery home, depicting a beautiful and seductive woman arms upraised clothed in a single skin clinging cloth of some sort the edges of which she holds in her hands. This statue is most likely of the creature known as an Undine, one of the four classical elemental spirits alongside the Gnome, Sylph, and Salamander.


During the events at the USS Salem the statue was recovered from the depths of the dark river by the Agents and returned to the vaults at Steel Manor where it is being tested for supernatural properties and contained appropriately.

Statue of Undine Rising

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